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Cabling Services

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Structured Cabling

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Cable Infrastructure

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Network Cable Services in Stratford and Surrounding Areas

Riley Security provides network cable services in Stratford and surrounding areas. We install a wide array of indoor, outdoor and specialty network cabling and provide enterprises with high-quality, cost-effective network infrastructure. This includes Category 5e and Category 6 data cabling and components, as well as fiber optic cabling and components. Networking cable installation and ethernet cabling solutions are designed to fit virtually any application while supporting scalable bandwidth and next-generation broadband transmission.

In addition to the installation of high-performance, structured cabling for efficient networks, we can also handle the installation of a variety of customers’ premises equipment, such as routers, modems, server racks and cabinets. We service customers of all shapes and sizes, and handle a wide variety of projects from small businesses, corporate offices and data centres to commercial buildings, industrial buildings and more!

Properly implemented, structured cabling can accommodate many user applications, including voice, data, video, security and building automation systems.

Structured cabling provides the foundation for your business, the overall platform to meet all your data communications needs. A well-designed and carefully-implemented network cabling system will support present and future bandwidth requirements. Riley Security installs your data cabling quickly and effectively, using only industry-leading designs. Whether you need a new 1 Gigabit CAT6 structured cabling solution or a communications room rescue using your existing CAT5E cabling, Riley Security can meet your needs.

Low-Voltage Cabling

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Workstation Cabling

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Voice Cabling

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Enterprise Wireless (WiFi)

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Data Cabling

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Fiber Optic Data Cabling

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What our Clients are Saying

Camera Installation

If there are any alerts, I simply go on my cell phone or tablet and I can clearly see what is going on at the dealership.

Brantford GMC

I cannot believe the quality of the camera in addition to your NVR. We had an analog system, no comparison to HD.